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So diets are the never ending journey of exploring the factors that help us through life. You are what you eat is so true and has so many layers connected with it


Fresh Approach

It’s easy to overlook at how important healthy eating is to our future fitnessExperts have told us for years, lower the fats and have food that is high in fibre and drink a glass of red wine because its good for you.

 Whole meal bread is good for you and white isn’t.A bit of dessert at the end of every meal is fine. All in moderation


STOP right now

If the above actions have gotten you the body of your dreams , then stop reading this now and continue the journey you are on. You have made it and now you need to just enjoy life.


If you have been doing all the above moderation eating and nothing is working for you , then let me show you what I do.


I’m going to simplify the whole process and use before and after diagrams. I believe that the process is more about evolving self discovery and being guided. There is no failure other than failure to explore what works for you


Needless to say that if you are over or under weight, please consult your doctor before experimenting with diets and exercise


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