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It’s easy to overlook at how important healthy eating is to our future fitness


Experts have told us for years, lower the fats and have food that is high in fibre and drink a glass of red wine because its good for you.


Whole meal bread is good for you and white isn’t.


A bit of dessert at the end of every meal is fine. All in moderation



STOP right now


If the above actions have gotten you the body of your dreams , then stop reading this now and continue the journey you are on. You have made it and now you need to just enjoy life.


If you have been doing all the above moderation eating and nothing is working for you , then let me show you what I do.


I’m going to simplify the whole process and use before and after diagrams. I believe that the process is more about evolving self discovery and being guided. There is no failure other than failure to explore what works for you


Needless to say that if you are over or under weight, please consult your doctor before experimenting with diets and exercise



When I was in my thirties, I got to the ripe old weight of 120kilos at one point.

Now looking back on it, this required a lot of effort. Having lots of bread on pasta on hand with lots of seeded crackers from rice crackers to seeded corn puff thins to spread healthy toppings on


There was thirty years of diet conditioning to undo.


Here I have shared a simplified table of the foods that I use to eat on a daily basis. This approach did not work for me, but I was an all in moderation approach. My doctor at the time said that all i needed to change was to eat less sweets and give up smoking. Mind you I have never smoked and this also woke me up to the fact that my doctor was disengaged with me and my physical presence.



My random list of snacks.

There was no pattern for when I was eating to be honest, I was always hungry.

I heard experts in the media say, as humans we need to snack all day, it’s like I ignored the way I was eating my major meals and just understood, eat more snacks throughout the day because it would increase my metabolism.

(Yes I know it sounds stupid now, but I really convinced myself that it was true)

Charge Forward

I do what works and stop what doesn’t

If you look at the face value of what I was eating, It was a little on the abundant side, but it was very loosely based on the food triangle from the 70s as I remember it. The authorities did promote that to us when we were in school and so I thought that I was pretty close to their recommendations 

Lots of cereals and grains, a generous helping of vegetables and a few treats thrown in at the top of the triangle.

 I can tell you from experience that this way of eating was putting me on the fast track to heart disease and diabetes.

A lot of water has passed under the bridge since those days and well , now that I’ve changed my outlook on what I eat,  I feel way healthier and I am way stronger and fitter

Go to your browser and type in the  Keto diet. Then look up things like Aitkens diet. Low carb. Even high protein.  To be honest , I am not on a single diet at the moment, however I have tried heaps of diets and taken the things I am comfortable with and that I believe I can sustain long term.  Let me repeat myself, I do what works for me and I don’t do what doesn’t

For example , I love everything about the raw meat carnivore way of life, but I don’t think  have what I takes to pull it off to the max. I do dabble in to that way of eating , but I’m also man enough to say, I don’t have the stomach to eat raw organic meat as I miss the flavour of a flame grilled steak cooked rare ( one of my favourite treats at the moment)


The truth is that I don’t believe in dieting, however I choose to eat my way to a better life style.  The food that I am going to be eating in the future is part of my way of life and I actually look forward to the way I eat now. I will share my favourite cooking methods as well. I don’t feel like I’m missing out on anything



Look at my food tables from the past you can see the common denominator. It’s the processed carbs. Lots of bread and pasta with some rice thrown in every now and then.

I was a huge potato fan as well. Let’s face it – who doesn’t love potato done every way.

It isn’t necessarily a bad vegetable, but now I have it as a treat and not as a staple as a daily part of my meal ingredients


I’m not saying that I have the answers to every fitness and health issue. I’m not saying that I have the magic pill that can make you super fit over night.

I am telling  the world that I was once unfit and weak and now I’m way healthier and feeling way stronger. 

If you do nothing else after visiting my page ponder the following

  • Review what you are eating now.. What did you put in your meals the last seven days?
  • How much physical movement did you participate in ?  
  • Ask yourself – what do I want to look like?
  • How do I want to feel?
  • Am I important enough to start work on improving myself

My new way of eating


This is a list of what I eat now

It’s not perfect, but it works way better than before

Do what works

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