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make our bodies better

Getting stronger

as we grow 

Food Coaching

Learn what I put in my body. You don’t need to spend heaps or join meal programs. Let me show you what I buy and how I cook

Body strengthening

Making exercise fun and approachable is what has worked for me. Let me show you how simple it was to get stronger

Achieve Success

Unlock Your Full Potential. Say Hello to THE NEW YOU

I’m going  to share my journey  how I turned my body from overweight and lacking in health to a body that is now stronger and way fitter than I us to be

Let me show you how I did it

Getting stronger as we age gets us closer to an awesome life

Let me show you how I move to gain strength

Let me show you what I eat

Easy recipes that are packed with flavour


This is a quick look at what I use to eat compared to how I choose to eat now


We are what we eat is such a complex way of looking at who we are


Getting physical doesn’t need to be hard or cost a fortune. This is how I started


Get inspired by people that make life concepts grow and evolve

About Me

I’ve been overweight and now I’m not. I know the struggles of trying different diets and excercising then failing over and over again. Feeling like nothing works

 Now that I’m  50 my body is in the best shape it’s ever been 

Let me show you what I do to keep getting better and healthier. Why does getting older mean we need to not enjoy life to the fullest

I’ve cooked for thousands of people since the 90’s and I think I know what works for me, so let me show you what can work for you

Let me know what you think